Audit and Finance

The purpose of the Audit and Finance Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling its fiscal oversight responsibilities including review of all financial information, review of existing financial position, and to support the ongoing development of, relevant financial management policies and procedures, overseeing the annual financial statement audit and risk management related to financial assets, data management and the insurance program.
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The Finance Committee is tasked with the regular review of various internally and externally prepared financial statements, budgets, cash balances and assets, operating and capital grants, accounting procedures and policies, compliance with regulatory agencies such as the CRA, committees regarding operational policies, procedures and risks; Provide input and feedback in identifying any areas of financial concern as required; make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding financial matters of the BCA, and provide open avenue of communication among management, employees, external and internal auditors, and the Board of Directors.

Meetings are held monthly, on the Tuesday before each board meeting at 6pm.

Contact Executive Director, Molly Macrae at Ideal committee members have some knowledge of finance and/or accounting.

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