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Support the Bowness Community Association in all that we do to make Bowness a great place for Bownesians including:

  • Providing numerous free events throughout the year
  • Offering programs for all walks of life at the community centre
  • Revitalizing the community centre for more opportunities
  • Creating places where residents can connect, learn and grow
  • Publishing the Bowest’ner Newsletter
  • Informing residents of all things Bowness at www.mybowness.com and on Facebook and Instagram
  • Encouraging volunteerism in the community
  • Supporting local residents in bringing creative community building ideas to life
  • Giving Bownesians a voice in local planning and transportation issues
  • Creating a safe and supportive neighbourhood where people feel a sense of belonging
  • Improving the quality of life of all Bownesians
  • Every dollar donated goes directly back into Bowness and making it a great community.

Contact us for more information at iheartbowness@mybowness.com or by calling the office at 403-288-8300 during office hours.


The Bowness Community Association is grateful to all the funders, organizations, businesses and sponsors that help us in accomplishing our Vision and Mission.

These generous contributions help us offer programs, improve the facility, fund free events and support Bowness being a great place to live. Thank you for your contributions!
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We also acknowledge generous donations from the Sibthorpe family

event sponsorship

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Sponsor an event or program at the BCA and help support Bowness.

Contact iheartbowness@mybowness.com for details and updates.

Thank you sponsors for your generous support of community!


Funder details coming soon!

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