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I grew up in Bowness. I moved out to Kelowna for university, but moved back when I was 28 to start a family and I’ve been here ever since. My dad went to Bowness High and Belvedere; I went to Bowness High and Belvedere — so I wanted our kids to go there too.

Bowness was a pretty cool spot to grow up and I just thought it’d a pretty nice place to raise a family!

I love the Bowness Parade and the Tour de Bowness. Just seeing the community come out… the involvement, the pride, the people who show up and contribute and donate and volunteer. You don’t really see that community spirit a lot and things like that really exemplify what’s special about Bowness.

I’m excited to see some of the new housing developments and new businesses coming in on Bowness Road. For a long time Bowness had a bad rap, so it’s nice to see revitalization and more young families and kids getting to experience the childhood I had here.

I did the corporate thing with Shaw for the last 12 years, but I just took a package there and right now I’m a stay at home dad. We have a one year old and a three year old. It’s very true how quick kids grow up, and I want to spend as much time with them as I can. I have a YouTube channel called McNallie money where I interview CEOs and talk about recent developments at publicly traded companies. It’s my creative hobby now full time job.

Bowness is a great place to grow up. I really would encourage as many people to come and see the park and the river and the bike paths. Everyone I talked to when I say I live in Bowness says “Oh, I love it down there! I want to move there but it’s too expensive.” There’s a lot of new stuff going on and it’s maybe not the Bowness that you envisioned from 10 years ago.

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