Faces of Bowness – Jayanne 

Faces of Bowness – Jayanne 

I’ve been living in Bowness over 20 years. My daughter went to school in Bowness and I have a husband named Darren who works in construction.

I use the Community Association a lot, I love coming here. It’s a beautiful place to hang out and The Landing upstairs is gorgeous, I had never seen it before! I also enjoying sitting outside by the old Bownesian visiting with my friends. I go to Maranatha church’s free dinner and movie every three weeks, The Lutheran church’s Saturday lunch, and the Christmas meal every year here at the BCA.

I work at Bowness High and have been there for almost 16 years. I love it. My favourite parts are seeing the kids and having a job I enjoy. People in the community are very helpful and very friendly, and we have a great boss and staff at Bowness High. If someone’s sick, we just pitch in and do what we have to do to help everybody. And it’s beautiful to see what you guys are doing here at the BCA, like the community garden starting!

I would definitely recommend people to come to live in Bowness. There’s a library here for kids, the Boys and Girls Club (Trellis), a good Community Association, and lots of activities for people to do. Thursday I’m going to come down and try out Elevenses with my friend Jacqueline. I want to try it out and meet new people in Bowness!

There’s one lady I met who I help get to church in Bowness, and I helped her out the other day with her TV. She asked if she could come to my place for mother’s day — I said yeah, you can come! So I took her in as my new grandma. She’s pretty cool!

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