Faces of Bowness — Linda

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Originally published November 2021. Learn more about Faces of Bowness here.


“My daughter Molly helped me find Bowness, which I absolutely love. We’re sitting right on the lagoon — a two minute walk and we’re at the river. There’s trails, Baker Park, it’s absolutely beautiful.

As soon as I moved in to my apartment, people were approaching me from inside and outside the building, saying “hi! welcome!” We have drinks on the rooftop on Fridays for happy hour and catch up.

I also walk a lot, and I’m working from home now, so I take breaks in the day so I can take walks in the park. It takes forever to take a walk because there’s so many people that stop and say hello or we chat; it’s a very social thing. I came from the Beltline, so compared to that, Bowness is a safe community. I’ve always felt safe here; I haven’t felt threatened.

There’s a ton of history if you stop and read those plaques on the park benches about people who lived here. There’s a bench that I try to go to everyday, it’s dedicated to Caesar T. Rottweiler. It was a dog that loved to run on these trails, little things like that give you a snippet into how people used to live.”

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