Faces of Bowness – Tara


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“I’ve lived in Bowness for like almost a year and a half now. I was working at Leopold’s before I moved here, and then it worked out that me and my partner managed to find a rental here. So it was awesome because I work in the neighborhood and I’ve really grown fond of it.

There’s such a strong sense of community here. It reminds me of that smaller city life that I grew up with in Saskatoon.

I still remember when we moved in and a little boy was walking home from school and he came and knocked on my door. He asked ‘Are you new here?’ and came and introduced himself. It was really sweet and I feel like you don’t see that very often anymore.

I was already familiar with the community, but it really showed that there is something special here.

Watching what you guys do here at the BCA has been really awesome. And I hope that there’s just more opportunities for connection and more ability to keep what’s special about Bowness really strong.” – Tara

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