Reflections on Run Bowness


When the pandemic hit last March, he was unable to participate in the team sports he has been playing most of his life. As he was looking at new ways to stay active, running seemed like a great alternative that he could do by himself until he could go back to kicking a ball around with his friends. The beautiful pathways and parks of Bowness make our community an excellent place to run.

Last year Jimmy signed up for his first 10k through the new Virtual Run Bowness. He said that this type of race doesn’t have the same pressures as a typical race where you’re competing alongside other people. You can take your time, walk if you need to, and also do the event with your family or kids.

image3 This makes a great option for those just starting out. The virtual format of the race is an approachable way to start something new. Jimmy didn’t plot out his 10k route, he just ran through his favorite spots until he reached 10 kilometers, and took some amazing photos along the way, earning the 1st place prize for best photo taken during Run Bowness. Jimmy encourages everyone in the community to get involved in the community and get outside.

image4“The most challenging part is just putting your shoes on and taking the first steps. In my experience with sports, there’s lots of nights where you don’t want to go to training or don’t want to go to practice and you’ve got an excuse or you’ve got other things that you’d like to do. I don’t ever remember regretting going for a run or going to practice after, but I’ve often regretted making the excuse or procrastinating or finding alternative less useful uses of my time.”

There’s no better time than now to start a great new habit and sign up for the 2021 Virtual Run Bowness on June 6!

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