Why You Should Support Local

Local Economy was one of our 2020 community Vital Signs. Bowness is home to 183 registered businesses, the majority of which are found along Main Street and the community square. Most of these businesses are within walking distance and provide necessities such as food, auto service, pharmaceuticals, appliances, and leisure activities for residents.

As a community of supportive and passionate residents, it has become increasingly important to support local businesses over the past 15 months. If you are hesitant to make the switch from a major retailer, here we have listed some of our favourite reasons to help persuade you:

1. Strengthen local economy

The money you spend in the community goes back to the community. For every dollar you spend at an independent business, 3 times more money is returned into the local economy, compared to that spent at a larger chain.

2. Creates jobs

Utilizing local businesses in your community has the opportunity to create work opportunities. If more people use a business or service, more staff will be required.

3. Lower taxes

Independent businesses often generate more tax revenue per sales dollar. This means a greater percentage of local businesses helps to keep your taxes lower, as compared to mega stores.

4. Better customer service

When shopping at an independent local business, the owner is more likely to be connected to each employee. This is not only a motivating factor for the employee to give better customer service, but they are also hand-picked by the upper management.

5. Improve the health of you and your family

When shopping at a local grocery store, the meats and vegetables are more likely to be from a local farm. These can be chemical free, grass fed, and more fresh.

HERE you can find a list of your local businesses in Bowness.

HERE you can find a list of local businesses that support the BCA


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Written by: Sam Morris, BCA Communications Assistant

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