3 Ways to Participate in Run Bowness (that don’t require running)

By Alyssa Athanasopoulos

After two years of virtual races, the in-person Run Bowness is returning on June 5. Here’s how you can be part of the action without pounding any pavement:

Walk or wheel

Even though it’s called “Run Bowness”, running is definitely not required. Both the 5K and Kids Mile routes take place entirely on roads or paved pathways, making them wheelchair and stroller accessible. It’s truly a win-win if you’re looking for an excuse to get outside and meet new people, all while supporting the BCA.


The BCA is on the lookout for reliable volunteers to help make the event a success. Volunteers can help manage barricades, hand out water, sign up runners, hand out race kits, and hand out snacks at the end of the race. Volunteers can also help organize and market the race in the months leading up to it.

Pro tip: Cash prizes are available not only to the winners of the races, but also for the local school who comes out with the most volunteers and race participants.


Races can be grueling and seeing a smiling face or a homemade sign with inspirational messaging can be just the ticket to help someone push through to the finish line. Whether you know someone in the race or not, you can start your day knowing your presence along the path made a positive impact.

Visit mybowness.com/events to register for a race, or contact the BCA to volunteer: events@mybowness.com

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