Now Accepting Applications for Our ARTS Program

The Bowness Community Association (BCA) is launching a new initiative to spark creativity amongst local artists in our community: the new Artists in Residents Talent Share (ARTS) Program. This program seeks to inspire and support local artists in showcasing their work while creating community connections through the sharing of artistic talents. The ARTS project will fund a selection of arts-based projects from passionate Bowness artists or arts groups. Have an idea? Then read further to learn how to submit!

This open call is intended for any artist or group of artists who are currently residents of Bowness, Montgomery or Greenwood Village and have a creative project that they can envision featuring in Bowness. Artists must also be able to commit to collaborating on at least one community building activity as part of the project. This call is very open-ended, and the BCA and selection sub-committee is keen on hearing a wide variety of ideas from the community.

Project proposals will be accepted throughout the year and selected by a sub-committee made up of residents interested in the arts and reports to the Board of the Bowness Community Association. The successful proposals may include but are not limited to small exhibitions, live performances, writing projects, installations, or combinations of many mediums.

The outcomes of the projects include three primary objectives:

1. Support Local Artists by showcasing their work in new ways increasing their profile and audience; Creating new opportunities to network with local artists and the community, advocating for art in their communities and Calgary; Providing a means to give back to the community by sharing skills and knowledge, beautification of the neighbourhood and contributing to the vibrancy of Bowness; providing income for artists time and creation.

2. Promote Community Building by exposing residents to new and creative outlets; Sharing skills and knowledge within an accessible local environment; Creating community connections; and promoting the arts in Bowness. Potential community building activities to consider in proposals could include, but are not limited to, such things as:

  • Facilitating a free workshop(s) for community members in your medium of choice
  • Open studio space during the project where residents can drop in and learn or discuss your work
  • Contribute creative content to the BCA newsletter and social medium platforms
  • Provide Gallery showcases at the Bowness Community Centre
  • Perform at the Bowness Community Centre or host an event
  • Support or perform at a Bowness Community Association event or program

3. Activate the Space at the Bowness Community Centre. The preferred venue of the proposal project is at or on the property of the Bowness Community Association. The new space located on the second floor of the community centre offers an ideal venue for art displays, performing arts and workshops. It includes over 600 square feet of floor space, seating for 60, 170 square feet of wall space for displayed art and available audio visual equipment. There are also multiple spaces that can be booked for workshops, meetings or rehearsals. When considering the venue for your proposal please contact for a tour or if you have any questions. Alternative venues may be considered when applicable to the specific project needs.

Art forms which use hazardous equipment, hazardous or toxic materials will unfortunately not be suitable. Project proposals must keep in mind that BCA is a public community venue, and that there will be a variety of people using the space on a consistent basis. There will likely be additional unrelated events (e.g. meetings, clubs, workshops, performances, etc.) which will occur in the space alongside any of the arts-based projects that are selected. The BCA is committed to running this program in the safest way possible and will review practices and procedures in line with AHS and COVID guidelines. A factor in the selection of a successful proposal is the consideration of participants safety and comfort.

Funding and Timelines:

Each project selected will be paid a maximum sum of $2500.00 at the conclusion of the project and upon submission of final reporting on the project. This amount is intended to cover artist fee(s) for any and all artists involved as well as to cover material costs of the project, so keep this in mind when creating the budget for your project.

Project reporting includes financial reporting, exit interviews, story-telling, visuals and feedback from residents and the artists themselves on the success of the project and will vary depending on the project.

The BCA hopes to engage artists in these projects within the scope of three-month increments throughout the 2022 year, and so projects proposals can incorporate ideas that involve a timeline up to a maximum of three months, but they do not necessarily have to fill the full three-month duration.

The first intake of applications will begin November 2021 with the successful candidates starting in January 2022.

Submission Requirements:

Please carefully review the below submission requirements. Project proposals must include:

1. A project proposal summary (minimum 250 words, and maximum of one page) that provides an overview of the goals and vision of the project. This summary must include a description of how you will address the three outcomes listed above: supporting local art, community building and activation of the space.

2. A basic budget outlining how the lump-sum of funding will be used. Please include along with your budget a detailed estimate of space and venue requirements to bring the project to fruition.

3. A timeline outlining how the project will be managed from start to finish. Include key components of how the project will come together, any key dates that are important, or indicate if the timeline is flexible.

4. 3-10 digital samples of previous or current work that highlights the applicant’s ability to successfully carry out the proposed project. This can include but is not limited to samples of writing, sound recordings, film recordings, live performance recordings, visual art images, etc.

Important note: Applicants should indicate whether the digital samples of work are intended to be shown at BCA as part of the project proposal, OR if the works are for example only and that the project will incorporate new work.

To apply to become one of the ARTS Program funded creative projects, please attach all of the primary submission requirements in an email and send to with “Bowness ARTS Program Proposal” in the subject line. If sample files are too large to email as attachments (for video or otherwise) please email a link to a Dropbox or Google drive folder containing only the sample files.

If applying as a group, please designate one individual to be the main contact person and include all the names of group members in the body of your email, indicating whether or not all members of the group are residents of Bowness.

We thank everyone for their submission and thank you for supporting the Arts Community in Bowness!

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    If applying as a group, please list the best contact person

    Name of group (if applicable)

    If applying as a group, please list the best contact person


    Please note this is open to residents of Bowness, Greenwood and Montgomery

    Outline below, or submit a one page PDF or word doc to

    Outline below, or submit a one page PDF or word doc to

    Submit a timeline of how the project is planned to come together and any key dates that would be involved.

    Provide 3-10 digital samples of work. Please attach to an email sent to, or if too large please indicate the links to a Dropbox or Google drive folder containing only the sample files below, or email to

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