Quality of Life Survey – The Report is Here!

This June, all Bownesians were invited to share about their lives in Bowness through the 2023 Quality of Life survey (formerly Vital Signs). Since 2009, we’ve conducted this survey every three years to take a pulse on life in our community and take action on building a better Bowness. This report will be used by the BCA and other community stakeholders to shape programming for the next three years. Read the Full Report, and then check out the BCA’s Action Updates which will be updated online every 6 months.



 Key Themes:

• The majority of residents report having a good quality of life, with a small percentage expressing stronger dissatisfaction, particularly younger people.

• The Bowness community demonstrates a strong sense of belonging and engagement, with most residents participating in community events and activities.

• Diversity, equity, and inclusion are valued in the community, but there is room for improvement in addressing safety concerns and promoting inclusivity.

• Access to services is generally good, but areas for improvement include affordable housing options, access to healthy food, accessibility, and transportation, particularly public transportation.

• Safety is a significant concern among residents, with neighbourhood safety being a major focus.

• Mental health and wellness scores are lower compared to other attributes, including over one third of residents experiencing loneliness, indicating an area that requires attention.

• Local economy perceptions vary among different demographics, with men, younger residents, employed residents, and individuals with higher incomes having a more positive outlook.

• The natural environment is highly regarded with green spaces and parks being well-appreciated amenities, and a high majority of residents are concerned about climate change.

• Residents show interest in community-based learning, and value arts and culture, but awareness of programs could be improved.

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