Bowness Flood – Seeking 10 Year Commemoration Stories

Acknowledging grief and loss while remembering stories of hope and kindness.

This spring marks 10 years since the flooding in Bowness and many other Calgary communities. For many in the community, there are still daily reminders of grief, loss, and wounds that can never be fully healed. There are also countless stories still being told of the ways the community came together in kindness, strength, and hope.

A decade after the flood, there are now many people new to the community who do not know these stories. As we all approach this moment and reflect, the BCA wants to make space for remembrance and storytelling.

To do this, we are inviting community members to submit their stories and reflections under 400 words.

Submissions will be printed and assembled into a display at the BCA. Please note that we are not seeking photo submissions for display at this time.

There are a few optional guiding questions below to help get you started:

  • What part of Bowness did you live in during the flood, and what memories stand out most?
  • What do you wish people new to Bowness knew or understood about the flood? What do you hope isn’t forgotten?
  • Are there any stories would you like to tell about neighbours coming together to help neighbours?

Questions? Email

Submit your stories using the form here.

If you are in need of support during this time, AHS has a helpful list of available resources here.

Barrier free counselling services are also available in Calgary through Community Connect YYC.

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