Update: Community Development Committee

By Bill Christieson

“Community… is about the experience of belonging. We are in community each time we find a place where we belong.”

Peter Block, Community: The Structure of Belonging

Strong communities are built on relationships.

A neighbourhood is a place to know and be known. The Community Development Committee connects Bowness residents to resources and to one another, assisting Bowness residents to each become an integral part of the life of the neighbourhood. Becoming integrated means both giving and receiving the gifts and skills that make us strong. Strong communities are developed when residents identify deeply with their place and invest themselves for the sake of their neighbourhood and neighbours.

First, there are resources available through the BCA and its partners. The BCA provides space, resources, programs and facilities to groups developing the social fabric of the neighbourhood. The Committee supports the Bowness Community Hub Coordinator in connecting Bowness residents to community building resources and initiatives in the neighbourhood.

Second, the Community Development Committee works to recognize and mobilize the gifts of our neighbours. There is a rich abundance and diversity of skills and passions among our neighbours. A primary goal of the committee is to help Bowness residents share these gifts with one another. Many of these gifts have become established and cherished initiatives within the neighbourhood. The committee wants to foster the continued growth of grassroots Bownesian projects.

Third, the Community Development Committee helps Bowness residents connect with one another. The committee helps to establish and promote relational networks in the neighbourhood. When residents are linked to one another the neighbourhood has the potential to flourish. The committee seeks to identify established networks and develop greater connection.

Let’s work together to create a stronger, more connected Bowness.

If you want to participate in building community in Bowness, here are a couple ways to get started:

Make a connection with your immediate neighbours. A simple way to build on your current connections or make new ones is to drop an encouraging note in your neighbours’ mailboxes. Let them know your hope of being part of an integrated neighbourhood that fosters relationships. Invite further engagement and friendship.

Participate with the BCA Community Development Committee. The committee meets regularly throughout the year. Email the Bowness Community Association to express your interest: iheartbowness@mybowness.com

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