City of Calgary Development Map

The City is responsible for managing growth and development throughout Calgary with the help of several policies and a city wide plan for growth in both new and developed communities.

Communities change and evolve over the years. Buildings gain character, community demographics change, trees mature, local amenities and businesses change ownership and offerings. A big part of a community’s life cycle is redevelopment, which often begins when communities reach a certain age and homes, buildings and amenities need to be refreshed and revitalized or renewed and replaced.

If the city is to grow and evolve over time we need to ensure that existing infrastructure can be maintained and amenities and facilities in established neighbourhoods have the population needed to support them so they can continue to thrive. We also need to balance the need to grow and develop with the need to retain and enhance the unique character of our neighbourhoods, historical resources and the natural environment.

The City receives applications for development on a continual basis – applications can be for large areas including new subdivisions all the way down to applications for a single detached dwelling. The City of Calgary supports the inclusion of Community representation in the process of development and has created several tools to help citizens gain information and respond to applications they are interested in.

One of these tools is the Development Map. To access information on an application or before you give feedback on a planning application, use developmentmap.calgary.ca to learn more about what is being proposed, understand the details and know when and what you can comment on.

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