Faces of Bowness — Cathy

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Originally published November 2021. Learn more about Faces of Bowness here.


“In 2005, I became a reluctant Bownesian, when we bought our first house here. I went to my first Bowness Stampede Breakfast in 2006 and realized that I had found my people. The next year I brought my husband to the breakfast – we were in.

We’re raising our kids here. We will never go anywhere else. My 13 year old son said the same thing, he doesn’t ever want to move out of Bowness, he enjoys it so much. I think that for a kid to say that he has a sense of community, that really says something.

We’ve noticed changes over the past 16 years about how houses are being built, but with all those changes, we’re also seeing new families come in, which is keeping the schools vibrant and relevant.

I love what the BCA does, my husband sat on the board for a few years, and he was a part of the Bowness skate park project, he got the ball rolling for that.

I was a ski instructor for 16 years at COP, but stopped when I had kids. We all ski now, so it’s nice to have access to that so close to home.”

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