Faces of Bowness — David

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Originally published in July 2021. Learn more about Faces of Bowness here.


David moved here 10 years ago with his wife and three children. Here’s some of the things he had to say:

“Before we got down here we saw the “I Heart Bowness” bumper stickers everywhere and I couldn’t really understand it, but now I can say that we’ve officially drank the kool-aid, hook, line and sinker. There’s a community spirit here and I can’t even put my finger on it, even after 10 years.


“When the flood came through here in 2013, for a community that already was deeply connected, that brought it together even more, it was remarkable to experience it first hand, we genuinely got an opportunity to see the best of people up close. We’d always like to stay here – we’re proud to call Bowness home, 100%.

“What I’m drawn to is the community – I can’t imagine leaving, why would you want to live anywhere else? That’s what I don’t understand. We’ve always been very active about supporting local restaurants and stuff like that.” (David made sure to order from his favourite restaurant (Leopold’s Tavern) at least once weekly during the pandemic!)

“I’m excited, I see all the house construction going up, that makes me happy, building homes brings more families to the community, more kids in the schools. It’s a small town feel, I never felt like we’re in the city, but we’re pretty close to downtown.

“You can take the boy out of Bowness, but not Bowness out of the boy.”

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