NEW Gathering Space Opening Soon!

*NEW Community Gathering Space Opening in the BCA

We need YOUR help in naming this new area!

The name options are:

1. Nessie’s – the Bowness mythical creature that lives in the lagoon in Bowness park, also the name of the BCA volunteer awards

2. Critchley’s – the former name of the east side of Bowness

3. Midway – the name of the first community hockey team as well as the first Bowness business, the space also happens to be in the middle of the building

4. The Perch – a place to look over and watch the arena, for parents to sit and watch their kiddos

5. The landing – this is the site of the former Bowness airport, hence the landing

The new space will offer food and drinks and is located on the top floor of the BCA overlooking the arena. Here, you will have the ability to gather with friends and family in the heart of your community.

Once you have picked your favourite please select it from the dropdown menu below.

*Voting is now closed.

*Stay tuned for official opening dates coming this fall!

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