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Past Ripples Grant Recipients

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Looking for inspiration? Here are just a few of the successful Ripples grant applications from years past.


Local resident knitting expert drops into the BCA once a week to join other knitters, crochet enthusiasts or any other yarn/needle crafter. It is a time for people to connect with one another, share skills and tips, and talk about things happening in the community.


Tea with Mz. Rhonda, creative writing, and ribbon skirt making are examples of workshops/presentations that have been offered by residents at the BCA.


Residents in Bowness were missing the feel of a community picnic. So they got together, applied for a Ripples grant, coordinated with organizations in Bowness and hosted a picnic at the BCA.


A movement in Bowness led by a resident passionate about making sure every child has nutritious food available to them. This resident leads the snack program at the indoor playground in the BCA.

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Quality of Life Postcard 2023

This June, all Bownesians are invited to share about their lives in Bowness through the 2023 Quality of Life survey (formerly Vital Signs.) 

Since 2009, we’ve conducted this survey every three years to take a pulse on life in our community and take action on building a better Bowness.

Complete the survey during the month of June for a chance to win 1 of 5 $100 gift cards!

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