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Quality of Life Report

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Read the 2023 Quality of Life Report

This June, all Bownesians were invited to share about their lives in Bowness through the 2023 Quality of Life survey (formerly Vital Signs). 

Since 2009, we’ve conducted this survey every three years to take a pulse on life in our community and take action on building a better Bowness.

This report will be used by the BCA and other community stakeholders to shape programming for the next three years.

Come back to this page every 6 months to see our new Action Updates. 

Contact communityhub@mybowness.com for more information.

Past reports

In 2009, the Bowness Community Association engaged hundreds of Bownesians with support from the Calgary Foundation. The result was the first neighbourhood focused Vital Signs report in Canada, titled Voices of Bowness. The report identified both reasons to celebrate Bowness as well as areas for improvement.

As a follow up to the initial report, the Bowness Community Association published Vital Actions reports in 2010 and 2011 highlighting and celebrating the actions that local Bownesians took to create a more vital Bowness. Three more Vital Signs reports were completed in 2013, 2017, and 2020, with a fifth survey and report underway in 2023.

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