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Molly has been with the BCA since 2017, she is a born and raised Calgarian and loves the sense of community she has found in Bowness. She enjoys yoga, biking, and walking her dog at Bowness park.

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Amanda grew up in hockey rinks as a self-proclaimed “rink rat” while her mom ran the concession in the arena. Now, Amanda has her own view of the rink as she serves hockey parents, pickleball player, and all those cheering them on.

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Anna has been a proud Bownesian since 2021, and is delighted to now be on staff at the BCA. When not working at the Community Association she is a local voice teacher, and can also be found performing music at venues ranging from the opera hall to the local pub.



Becky joined the BCA in the summer of 2022 and has been a proud Bownesian since 2010. She is passionate about and active in various community activities and currently sits on two boards of directors in Calgary. She is currently writing her Master Herbalist thesis, and loves everything plants, herbs, pharmacology and gardening. On summer days you will find Becky walking or riding her bike down by the river, in the winter she is most likely crocheting or crafting up something creative.

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Deb Hall has been with the Bowness Community Association since Feb 2013 and has worked for a number of community and not for profit organizations in the City of Calgary. Deb is an accomplished athlete participating in Biathlon both Nationally and Internationally. When she is not training you will find her out and about with her dogs.

Erin Bacon





Logan is a proud born and raised Calgarian, with a bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies from the University of Calgary. He has a passion for vibrant, thriving communities, and he envisions Bowness as a leading example for Calgary neighborhoods. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, or watching sports and movies.

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Kristian kapty


Joining the BCA in 2024, Kristian was born and raised in Calgary with roots in the rural communities surrounding the city. He brings over five years of arena and building operations related experience to the team. When he isn’t perfecting the ice, he can be found watching F1, gaming, or hitting the gym.

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Logan moved to Bowness in 2021 and loved the neighbourhood so much that he joined the BCA the next year! Logan is passionate about his community and enjoys movies, music, cooking, podcasts, board games, and photography.




Another 2024 addition to the team, Meagan grew up in rural Central AB and is really liking the small town atmosphere that Bowness provides. If you can’t find her wandering around the BCA, she’s probably out enjoying live music, playing games, travelling, or in the mountains.

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Rob began working at the BCA in August of 2009, and has lived in Bowness since 1994. In those years, he has been dedicated to the community in too many ways to count. His favourite part of his work at the BCA is the variety of people he gets to meet. In his spare time, he enjoys taking care of Baxter his 3-legged cat.




Robyn joined the Bowness Community Association in February 2024, bringing 5+ years of arena experience to the team. She was born in Calgary, living briefly North of Edmonton, before returning in 2016. When not resurfacing the ice, Robyn enjoys tinkering, learning new skills, playing games, creating digital artwork, and adoring all kinds of animals.

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William Bird



Will moved to Bowness in 2021 after living all around Canada, and a recent 2024 addition to the BCA. When not working in the Landing, he enjoys writing, playing games, watching films, and cycling.


The Board of Directors are community members who are elected by the membership annually at our AGM. The Board represents the diversity of the residents of Bowness. The Board is informed by and accountable to the membership.



I moved to Bowness in 2020 and immediately looked to join the board. I wanted to help build a strong community and put down roots, so I reached out to the BCA within weeks of moving in. I have experience in facilitation and events planning. Outside of the BCA I am passionate about international relations and hiking. I want to learn more about how local and community government works. I am interested in who makes decisions, how they do that, and the impact of the outcomes. I am excited by the community craft fairs. I love supporting small and local businesses. And I’m excited to see how we can continue doing that as the BCA.


Adam Fyfe

My wife & I bought our first house in 2021 here in Bowness. When I moved to Alberta 10 years ago I stumbled across Bowness Park while exploring the city. I told myself that if I ever moved to Calgary I would move to Bowness. As soon as we did, my wife and I instantly started volunteering at all the BCA events to meet the neighbours. The idea of joining the BCA initially stemmed from my lack of voting rights because I did not register as a member in time for the AGM. I was so impressed with what the AGM had to say that I wanted to be part of the growth here. As chair of the Events Committee, I am so honoured to be a part of the history books of this amazing little town. The atmosphere of this place is almost overwhelming, there are so many amazing people and so many exciting things happening here in Bowness. Outside of the BCA, I’m an outdoor enthusiast and a housing consultant. As often as I can I love to slip away into the no-cell-service territory of the Rocky Mountains. We have climbed many mountains and swam in many lakes, but we have barely scratched the surface. If my cell phone is off then I am almost likely on an adventure.

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Angelina Selvalingham


I moved to Bowness in early 2020. One of my best friends grew up in Bowness and still lives here. He always spoke highly of Bowness, and that led me to make this vibrant community my home. I wanted a way to actively participate in the community. Serving on the BCA board is my way of reciprocating the warmth and sense of belonging I have experienced here while contributing to the growth and well-being of Bowness.

As a Director at Large, I contribute to both the Finance and HR & Nominating committees, leveraging the expertise gained from my day-to-day work in these areas. But my biggest passion is meeting new people and fostering a strong sense of community, especially among neighbours. This includes trying to convince my friends to move here so they can meet the wonderful people of Bowness.

Outside of my involvement with the BCA, I enjoy spending time outdoors (biking and hiking), connecting with friends, meeting new people, playing board games, and hosting backyard fires. One of my favourite things is Faces of Bowness. I love how it showcases the rich tapestry of our community while fostering connections and building relationships.


Beverley Sheridan


I have lived in Bowness for 15 years. Anne Campbell, a former Director, asked me to join. She and I are involved with the Bowness Garden Club. I have run two companies, including my own, and have been a member of several corporate boards. Outside of the BCA I am an avid gardener and I write the Bowtanical Garden column for the Bowest’ner. When I am not gardening, I am travelling. I am currently Treasurer for the Board. I am hoping to improve my skills in this area as I have never been involved with a not for profit organization. As a gardener, I have to say the new Community Garden is going to be wonderful. I also really enjoy participating in our community events such as Movie in the Park and the Tour de Bowness in conjunction with Mainstreet Bowness.


David Mcculloch


I have lived in Bowness for 30 years. I manage a team that looks after Industrial Portfolios in Calgary and the surrounding   rea. My family have been members at the BCA and volunteered in one way or another for many years. My kids have played sports there, relationships have been built, and I thought the operations team could use some advice. My passion is understanding how buildings live and breathe — I find myself zeroing in on these items when I visit all buildings I walk into. I’ve got to play a small role in transforming the Facilities footprint to bring people together. Using the vacant space here is important — we are not just a hockey arena! And there is land outside the building that can be utilized. Bowness is my home and improvements to my home excite me. At the BCA, It’s not hard to find like-minded people who share some of your vision and ideas.

David McCullough


I have been living in Bowness since 2021. I fell in love with the community because it was so close to nature with the river and Bowness Park right there. I chose to join the board originally because a friend of mine, Theresa Davidson convinced me to join back in 2021. I stepped down from the board when I decided to do some travelling this year but now that I’m back in Bowness, I really want to be a part of making this community as great as it possibly can be. I think that we have some of the coolest people in the city living in this neighbourhood. So, I want to be a part of helping all people find each other, build great events and have spaces where everyone can connect and feel like one big happy neighbourhood.

I love people, and I have a lot of energy. I have the time to show up for events and to help plan things. I love finding ways to get people together and start interesting conversations about how we can make our neighbourhood better. I really love storytelling and making videos. I think that one of the big responsibilities of the BCA is telling the story of Bowness. I really love sharing cool and interesting stories with broad audiences, and I think that we have a lot of great stories to tell about Bowness. I just think that I think that we have some of the most neighbourly people in the city. On Halloween, I was at a campfire down the street from my house with people I had never met before and all of us got along everyone was so welcoming and inviting. As someone who’s young in the neighbourhood, it’s lovely to have families, older people and young adults all living life together! I’m really excited for the community.

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Harvey Matchullis


We moved here in June 2021. I’ve been on community boards before and really wanted to engage again in Bowness. Some contacts invited me to attend a meeting to check things out and I’m still attending!
I’ve been involved in non-profit leadership my entire career, mostly in cross cultural contexts. I travel a lot, but am committed to living local and building community with my neighbours. I also love renovations and tinkering, gardening, my fish pond and anything outdoors. I’d like to learn and grow in being part of helping Bownesians continue to build deep community bonds — where knowing our neighbours contributes to overall well being, security and a sense of belonging.

I am impressed at the incredible variety of things this community has to offer and give kudos to the amazing BCA staff that facilitates so much for us all. The community gardens is a fabulous addition. I’m excited about more ideas emerging on how to strengthen neighbour to neighbour connections.


Jeffrey Riedl


I’ve lived in Bowness for 18 years. I went for a massage one day and the masseur, despite my request for a silent session, convinced me to join the board! I am fairly well versed in the City’s planning policy and I bring this knowledge and experience to the Planning and Development Committee. I enjoy learning about the local history of Bowness by way of the residents that remember. There are so many crazy stories — and some of them are even true! I am very excited about the Community Garden Project.

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Jennifer Loewen


I moved to Bowness a little over two years ago. I wanted to take a more active role in the community, and when I found out we were starting a community garden project, I joined the committee. I work in philanthropy and am relatively comfortable with the granting process. I thought it would be helpful for the garden project. I was also part of another community garden a few years ago. I hope to see the garden project complete and thrive for many years to come. I also have a growing passion for disc golf, and my friends and I like to travel to try out new courses when we can! There are lots of new developments happening and what seems to be more younger people moving into Bowness. I am excited to grow with this community and see what new life it brings in the coming years.

Jennifer Loewan

Jessica Clark


I’ve lived in Bowness for a collective total of 38 years and I came to the board by way of ‘retiring’ as a staff member. There’s lots of great work and opportunities happening, and even though I was no longer staff, I wanted to continue to support Bowness.  As Chair of the Communications Committee and a former BCA employee I bring the perspective of a resident, employee, participant, and volunteer. The EGOT of community building if you will? I’ve been a resident my entire life, and I have over 12 years of experience in communications. As a former employee, I helped grow our communications strategy which led to the creation of a full time, permanent communications position at the BCA, and helped expand our communications committee of 2 to almost a dozen active volunteers.

Outside of the BCA I spend time with my dog, my partner Sunny, and friends and family. I like to weightlift, paddleboard, mountain bike, garden, read, work on DIY projects at home and travel. I’m excited to see how the community is pulling itself out of the pandemic. In my recent work experiences there was much talk around moving from a charity model to mutual aid. During the pandemic, many Facebook groups popped up like Bowness Cares where folks would ask for or offer support. As a kid growing up in Bowness, my family and I practiced mutual aid all the time: mowing someone’s lawn, or shovelling a sidewalk, looking after a neighbour’s dog or garden while they were away, driving your kids friend to their hockey game, giving money to a neighbour to pursue a course or business idea, or even just to purchase their groceries. I see a lot of that coming back to Bowness, and it’s a great way to strengthen the community and ensure folks get the support they need.


Jimmy Doyle


I’ve been involved in the Calgary Chieftains and Bowness soccer for many years, and we used the BCA hall as our winter training facility. Through that relationship, and also living close to the BCA, I found myself spending more time at the location and getting to know the people involved. I’ve been involved in various community organizations in my life and worked with multiple boards in various roles. I have some financial experience as well as event planning, volunteer recruitment, and construction project experience. My passions would be sport, film, and as I age, I’m also enjoying gardening.

I hope to get to know more of my neighbours in Bowness through service on the board. I have already got to know many locals and look forward to meeting more. I’m currently most excited about the Heart of Bowness project, including the community garden which we’ve recently started constructing. It should be a great space for everyone in the community.

Jimmy 1

The Bowness Committee Association achieves its strategic priorities through the work done by volunteers on our volunteer committees.

These volunteer run committees are essential to getting feedback from the community, staying in tune with the needs of Bowness, and completing Board deliverables

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are community members who are elected by the membership annually at our AGM. The Board represents the diversity of the residents of Bowness. The Board is informed by and accountable to the membership.

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The Bowness Committee Association achieves its strategic priorities through the work done by volunteers on our volunteer committees.

These volunteer run committees are essential to getting feedback from the community, staying in tune with the needs of Bowness, and completing Board deliverables

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