The City of Calgary is Allowing its Residents to Have Direct Input on Development and Land-use Applications

The City of Calgary recognizes public input as an essential aspect to the approval process of development and land-use applications. The newly designed and implemented Development Map allows individuals to provide their input at a time and location that is convenient. This new platform allows you to share your thoughts directly with a file manager that is overseeing the application. However, there are important things to consider when commenting. 1) They must be submitted through the Development Map or by sending a letter to the file manager listed on the contact us tab; 2) They must be submitted when the commenting period is open.

The development map also allows citizens to be consistently informed on propositions. There will no longer be requirements to submit a request to Property Research, or speak with someone directly from the community association. You will be able to see the progress of an application, the status, and see when there are public meetings that you can watch or participate in. Once the final plans are approved, they will be posted and you will have access to how the development changed based on feedback from stakeholders and citizens.

A more detailed outline of the Development Map and its functions can be found at: https://www.calgary.ca/pda/pd/my-development/development-permit-application-search.html?redirect=/development

For questions regarding land use redesignations, development permits, building permits, and business licensing, you may contact the Planning Services Centre by:

Phone: 403-268-5311

Email: Planninghelp@calgary.ca

Website: Calgary.ca/livechat

A more detailed outline of the Development Map and its functions can be found here

Written by: Sam Morris, BCA Communications Assistant

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