Update – Coyote Attacks in the NW

Ward 1 Report

Ward Sutherland

The coyote behind the attacks in the NW of Calgary was located. The City of Calgary consulted with Alberta Fish and Wildlife and the coyote was euthanized.  An autopsy was conducted to confirm if the coyote had rabies, which is necessary as rabies can be transmitted through direct contact, such as a bite. Only coyotes with attacks on humans are tested for rabies.

Residents feeding wild animals has resulted in an escalated visit of coyotes to residential  backyards. Feeding wild animals also creates unwanted behaviour from coyotes. It is important to not feed any wild animals in your neighbourhood, indirectly or directly. For example, leaving out pet food, compost, waste or open birdseed attracts rabbits or birds, which in turn, attract mice and voles. This situation creates an array of prey for coyotes, which causes the coyotes to leave their wooded areas and come into residential neighbourhoods.

We need to live side by side with wildlife and respect their space.  Please remember that there are other coyotes that do not exhibit behavioural issues. Tuscany will be monitored for aggressive coyotes until The City is confident that the coyotes are behaving in a way that is acceptable.

Only call 311 if you have an encounter with a coyote, not for a general sighting. 

For more frequently asked questions about coyotes, visit: https://www.calgary.ca/csps/abs/frequently-asked-questions/coyote.html?redirect=/coyotes

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